YogaNext currently has 3 standards for yoga teachers. Click the link below for a comparison of our three standards.

Rgistering for our YogaNext Advanced Yoga Teacher (YAYT) standard requires one to have 750 hours training and 10 years of yoga teaching experience, as specified in the chart above.

All our standards are competency based and are agnostic to the style of your yoga practice or the school in which you studied. Yoga teachers are eligible to register for our credentials upon demonstrating that they have sufficient training-hours in specific subject areas and required teaching experience to fulfill the YogaNext requirements. The hours of training required for our credentials can be obtained from multiple training programs and from multiple schools. Our definition of a "yoga school" includes yoga studios, universities, community colleges, vocational/trade schools, ashrams and any other educational institutions that offers training programs in various aspects of yoga.

Click this this link for a comparison of our three standards.  YogaNext Standards Comparison Chart  


Grand Parenting from other standards

We will allow grand-parenting from other comparable standards to be eligible for registering with YogaNext.

Please note that our standards are probably the most comprehensive in the industry. It is not enough to just have the required hours of training for grand parenting. You must also have sufficient training in the subject areas mentioned in our standards. E.g. A 500 hour certification from Yoga Alliance does not automatically make you eligible for our Intermediate level certification. If you are registered with any other organization whose standards include the competencies mentioned in our standards, with a comparable distribution of hours for each competency, please write to us with those details and we will gladly consider you case.


Professional Development Credits (PDCs)

All yoga teachers registered with YogaNext must adhere to our Professional Development Credits (PDC) program. Registered yoga teachers must participate in professional development activities to earn professional development credits (PDCs) and maintain their credential.

All YogaNext credentials require 20 PDCs per registration cycle. One PDC is equivalent to one contact hour of education/training received via courses/workshops/seminars.

While education/training is an ideal way to stay up-to-date with best practices in teaching yoga, we will accept other activities occurring in your yoga teaching career that give back to the profession, toward PDCs. These activities can include:

  1. Writing yoga-related books and articles for professional print or electronic publications. We strongly encourage you to write about all aspects of yoga and not just about the asanas.
  2. Speaking on yoga-related topics at conferences and festivals.
  3. Volunteering your services to a yoga related organization or group outside of your employer, that is committed to furthering the cause of YogaNext.





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