Arvind Chittumalla is a yoga practitioner, teacher and a yoga entrepreneur. Arvind was first introduced to yoga and meditation at the age of 9 (30 years ago) in Hyderabad, India. At about the same age, he also learned other Indian spiritual philosophies and Sanskrit. He spent most of his childhood and adolescent years in a boarding school that emphasized spiritual growth. He embraces a yogic lifestyle that integrates all the eight limbs of Raja Yoga, as prescribed by Patanjali. He studied and practiced yogic philosophies from different schools/traditions:

  • Vidya Niketan (Hyderabad, India)
  • Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (India and US branches)
  • Self Realization Fellowship (India and US branches)
  • Satyachetana International (India and US branches)
  • International Buddhist Meditation Center (Los Angeles, USA)

Other Mahayana Buddhist schools
He has been studying and practicing seriously the 8 limbs of Raja yoga for the last 10 years. He teaches all the 7 limbs other than asanas, you could call him a 'non-asana' yoga teacher! He has been teaching Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy, Sanskrit and Chanting for the last 6 years. Arvind uses a number of meditation techniques during his classes, depending on the needs of the students and their level of practice: Vipassana, Chakra meditation, World Peace meditation, Mantra & Japa, Yoga Nidra and Walking meditation.

Arvind's yoga ventures include:
1. Yoga Maya Movie: Yoga Maya is an exposé on how yoga is taught, practiced and marketed in America. It is a 77-minute documentary, featuring interviews with 12 senior yoga teachers in California, narration and confessionals by Arvind Chittumalla, producer and director of Yoga Maya.
2. Yoga-Next: Yoga-Next is a movement to improve the education and practice of yoga and take it to the Next Level. The mission of Yoga-Next is to:  Promote the comprehensiveness of yoga as a science/art of self realization  Develop and enforce standards for yoga education  Promote conscious teaching and business practices  Be an advocate for the yoga community
Yoga-Next began in 2011 and has been making significant strides in shaping the future of yoga in America.
3. Moksha festival: An annual three-day festival of Yoga, Ayurveda & Sacred Music. This festival attracts about 2,500+ visitors each year. You can find out more about the festival on our website.





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Our Mission is to:

Bring awareness to all aspects of yoga: Physical, Mental, Philosophical & Spirutal

Implement standards for yoga education

Maintain a registry of YogaNext teachers

Promote ethical and moral teaching and business practices

Be an advocate for the yoga community

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