11 Oct

YogaNext Conference 2017. April 29

This year's conference will be be conducted on April 29.

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24 Feb

Yoga & Married Life

When your partner in marriage is also your partner in yoga, you can work together in some wonderful ways. Not simply in practice, but in the daily focus that your philosophy creates in your life together.

According to tradition, there are four places to dedicate our time-


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24 Feb

Yoga & Sangha

It’s a word that many in the yoga community have not heard, and yet that is what it means- a yoga community.

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24 Feb

Yoga Diet

Of all the proverbs about food, there is none more resoundingly true than the maxim ”You are what you eat.” Your very cells are created out of the kind of calories you consume. Your diet dictates your mood, your health, and your growth or aging process.

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