24 Feb

Challenges in Jnana Yoga

The firm control of the senses is what is called yoga. One must be vigilant; for yoga can be both beneficial and injurious.

                                                                    -- The Upanishads


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24 Feb

Challenges in Bhakti Yoga

“To whom do the stones and the brooks preach sermons? To the human soul, the lotus of whose inner holy shrine is already quick with life. And the light which causes the beautiful opening out of this lotus comes always from the good and wise teacher.

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24 Feb

Challenges in Raja Yoga

When thoughts obstructive to yoga arise, they can be eliminated if the mind is brought back to a single focus..

                                                                                   -- Patanjali


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24 Feb

How to choose a yoga instructor?

Teachers must always be learning.


                                                              - BKS Iyengar


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