YogaNext releases 4 standards

YogaNext is proud to presents 3 standards for yoga teachers and 1 standard for yoga schools. YogaNext is a California based non-profit public benefit corporation that was established with the sole of purpose of taking the practice of yoga to the next level. Eligible yoga teachers can now register for 3 standards:

1) YogaNext Basic Yoga Teacher - YBYT (350 hours training)

2) YogaNext Intermediate Yoga Teacher - YIYT (500 hours training & 5+ yrs teaching experience)

3) YogaNext Advanced Yoga Teacher - YAYT (750 hours training & 10+ yrs teaching experience)


Why should yoga teachers register with us?

  1. More recognition: We hold our members to high standards. You will be part of a growing community of yoga teachers and not asana instructors. Our standards were developed for yoga teachers who have the training/ability to teach various aspects of yoga: Yamas & Niyamas, Asana, Pranayama, Dhyana (meditation) & Yoga Philosophy. Fulfilling our registry requirements is a testament to your ability to teach yoga in its entirely and not just asanas. Many conferences and festivals these days seek teachers who can teach all aspects of yoga. 
  2. Flexible registration options: The training-hours required for our credentials can be obtained from multiple training programs and from multiple schools. A School can be a Yoga Studio, University, Community College, Ashram or any other educational institution that offers Yoga Teacher training.
  3. Very affordable registry fee: $25/yr with multiple payment options.
  4. Marketplace Discounts: Enjoy deep discounts at various yoga related events such as YogaNext Conference, Moksha Festival and many events organized by our partners.
  5. We are working towards getting affordable health and professional insurance coverage for YogaNext members. You can benefits from these discounts as and when they are available.


Please visit the Standards section of our website for more information about our standards and applications


We look forward to working with you to shape the future of yoga. 




Arvind Chittumalla

President & CEO