A school can be a Yoga Studio, University, Community College, Ashram or any other type of educational program that offers yoga teacher training. Yoga schools are eligible to register for a Registered YogaNext School (RYNS) credential upon demonstrating that they have made provisions to offer training in the competencies mentioned in our standards. All instructors must have at least 500 hours of yoga education and 5+ years of teaching experience. It is preferred that your instructors are registered with YogaNext but it is not a requirement at this point in time.

Click this link to download an application for Registered YogaNext School (RYNS)

Please note that our staff will perform background checks on your school and the instructors in your teacher training programs. If we find that you have misrepresented yourself and your teachers in the application, your application will be rejected and you will have to forefeit the registration fee. 






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Implement standards for yoga education

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